CMMI APPRAISED Appraisal # 71051 | Exp. May 20, 2027


A global freight company with operations across the world sought to enhance its operational efficiency and safety measures by optimizing vehicle tracking, routing, and driver management across its fleet of 1500 vehicles spread across 30 different locations. The company engaged SMARTnCODE to lead a fleet transformation program to establish a new, safety-focused driving culture.


The challenges faced by the global freight company was significant due to the scale and complexity of its operations. The absence of a comprehensive vehicle tracking and routing system across multiple regions made it challenging to efficiently manage and optimize the movement of goods. This lack of visibility also extended to driver behavior, creating difficulties in ensuring compliance with safety standards and best practices across diverse geographical areas. Consequently, the company experienced heightened operational costs and increased concerns about the safety and security of its shipments. Addressing these challenges required a strategic approach that could accommodate the company's global footprint while providing centralized control and visibility over its operations.

Key challenges

  • Lack of comprehensive vehicle tracking and routing system
  • Limited visibility and control over driver behavior
  • High operational costs and safety concerns

SMARTnCODE's Approach

SMARTnCODE engaged its Digital Transformation experts to assess the situation and get a complete understanding of the client’s existing operational model. The team of experts conducted in-depth interviews and probing sessions with key stakeholders to gather detailed requirement specifications. SnC conducted a thorough assessment of the company's fleet connectivity capabilities, identifying areas for improvement in vehicle tracking and data collection.

After thoroughly understanding the challenges faced by the global freight company, SnC proposed a comprehensive digital transformation initiative to enhance operational efficiency and safety standards. This initiative involved:

  • Collecting and analyzing driver behavior data to identify improvement areas

  • Designing and implementing an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) with advanced security features and IoT telematics for real-time tracking
  • Developing enterprise dashboards and coaching tools

These tools would provide actionable insights and foster a culture of safety and efficiency within the organization, resulting in significant improvements in operational performance.

Solution Implementation

SnC’s team of experts delivered this project in a record time with a minimal team and zero downtime in clients existing operations. The following initiatives were executed by our global team of engineers working on this project.

  • Hardware: Continental In-Vehicle Tracking Devices for real-time GPS location tracking.

    Branded Telematics Devices for collecting and transmitting vehicle data (speed, acceleration, braking).

  • Software: Industry-leading Fleet Management Software for core fleet management functionalities.

    Power BI for data analysis and generation of actionable insights on driver behaviour.

  • AWS Cloud Platform:For scalable and secure data storage and processing.

    AWS IoT Core for managing IoT devices and data collection.

  • Security: Standard encryption and secure authentication protocols for data transmission.

IVMS Deployment: Our team deployed IVMS across the entire fleet, providing real-time driving behavior reports to improve safety.

Drivers were trained: On using the in-vehicle devices and mobile app for route navigation and performance monitoring.

Data integration between different software components was ensured through APIs and middleware.

Analytics-Based Decision Making: Data mining was used to inform safety and economic decisions, leading to optimized fleet operations and reduced costs.

The system was deployed across the client’s entire fleet of delivery vehicles.


20% reduction in delivery times: Optimized routes and real-time traffic updates led to faster deliveries.

15% improvement in fuel efficiency: Driver behavior monitoring and coaching resulted in more fuel-efficient driving practices.

10% decrease in accidents: Real-time driver monitoring and alerts helped prevent accidents.

Increased driver satisfaction: Improved communication and feedback through the mobile app boosted driver morale.


SnC's fleet transformation program was a comprehensive effort that resulted in significant improvements in safety and cost efficiency for the freight company. By utilizing advanced technology and data-driven insights, the company was able to successfully transform its fleet operations, paving the way for continued growth and improved performance.

Further Developments and Impact

Following the successful implementation of the fleet transformation program, the Global freight company experienced several notable developments and impacts:

  • Operational Efficiency: The new IVMS and enterprise dashboards provided real-time visibility into fleet operations, allowing for proactive decision-making and improved route planning. This resulted in streamlined operations and reduced delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Safety Culture Transformation: The emphasis on safety through coaching tools and analytics-based insights led to a significant shift in the company's safety culture. Drivers became more aware of their behavior and its impact, leading to a reduction in accidents and incidents on the road.

  • Continuous Improvement SnC’s partnership with the freight company extended beyond the initial implementation phase. Regular performance evaluations and data analysis helped identify areas for further improvement, ensuring that the company remained at the forefront of safety and efficiency in the freight industry.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: The scalable nature of the IVMS and fleet analytics platform allowed the company to adapt to changing business needs and scale its operations without compromising on safety or efficiency. This scalability proved crucial as the company expanded its fleet and operations over time.

Going Further

Looking ahead, the freight company continues to leverage its advanced fleet management capabilities to drive further improvements in safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With a solid foundation in place, the company is well-positioned to embrace future advancements in technology and maintain its competitive edge in the dynamic freight industry.