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SMARTnCODE Information Technology Consulting: Your Partner for Intelligent IT Transformation

Businesses of all sizes require a reliable advisor to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of information technology (IT), manage IT infrastructure, optimize IT service management (ITSM), or enhance overall IT management. SMARTnCODE has over two decades of experience in ITSM and infrastructure management, making us the ideal strategic partner for achieving secure, agile, reliable, and cost-effective IT solutions.

IT Consulting Services by SMARTnCODE

SMARTnCODE's comprehensive IT consulting services cover a broad spectrum of areas:

IT Assessment and Strategic Planning

Evaluate your current IT delivery and ITSM processes, determine the value of your IT operations, and devise a strategic roadmap aligned with your business objectives with our experts.

Infrastructure Management Consulting

Assess your existing IT infrastructure, identify areas for improvement, design new infrastructure components, and develop policies and processes for efficient infrastructure management with SnC's IT Consulting Team.

Incident Management Consulting

Evaluate your incident management practices, revamp the processes, and avail recommendations for team composition and performance metrics by our Management Consulting experts.

Problem Management Consulting

Analyze problem management processes, redefine policies for problem detection and resolution, and avail a strong established framework for identifying root causes of incidents.

Change Management Consulting

Develop change management policies and processes, conduct risk assessments for proposed changes, and minimize change failure rates with our SnC team of change management experts.

Request Management Consulting

Design request handling procedures, avail optimized help desk operations and implement ticketing tools for efficient request management with our consultants.

Knowledge Management Consulting

Get a structured knowledge management framework designed, along with complete version control for documents and facilitated knowledge sharing within your organization.

IT Department Management

Plan IT department skills and composition, identify skill gaps, and prioritize IT tasks and projects based on importance.

Asset Management Consulting

Develop asset ordering and maintenance processes, get optimized inventory management, and suggestions on software solutions for automation from our committed asset management team.

In addition to IT process consulting, SMARTnCODE offers add-on services to enhance your IT infrastructure:
Managed IT Services

SnC's Managed IT Services helps you monitor and troubleshoot IT infrastructure, manage and optimize cloud infrastructure, handle IT requests and incidents, and maintain IT security infrastructure.

Compliance Assessment

We thoroughly review security and quality assurance policies, conduct security testing, and provide remediation guidance for compliance with industry standards.

Cloud Migration

Our team plans and executes the migration of apps, data, or infrastructure components to the cloud, designs CI/CD pipelines, and performs testing for a seamless transition.

Cloud Consulting

We evaluate your adoption needs, suggest suitable cloud providers, and plan your cloud security and compliance schedules

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